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Hi, I'm Hayley


"My background in PR and journalism means I am ideally placed to give your business the best public relations and media advice."




I'm Hayley Jones, a busy mum of two, who is passionate about helping organisations shout about what they are good at!


I am a highly experienced, award winning public relations professional and former journalist. I have nearly a decade of experience in journalism culminating in my appointment as Assistant News Editor of The Northern Echo, one of the country's biggest regional newspapers. I am skilled in developing effective working relationships with journalists in print, broadcast and digital media. I communicate regularly with the press, dealing with media enquiries, writing news releases and organising photo calls. I have also led on a number of high profile media briefings and have run numerous events which have been attended by the press.

I have worked in PR for both the public and private sector. I have a wide ranging, in depth knowledge of the systems and structure of local government and the NHS and I have advised and supported senior executives in all service areas, I understand the importance of managing expectations and protecting a organisation's reputation whilst maintaining the need to be open, accessible and accountable. My work has been recognised by various industry bodies including the Good Communications Awards, the CIPR in the Regions Awards and the British Association of Communicators in Business Awards

I have worked on, and managed, many public relations campaigns using my ability to communicate with varied audiences, both external and internal, through multiple channels including traditional press, social media and face-to-face briefings. I understand the importance of communicating in a creative and engaging way and tailoring messages to fit different audiences to ensure people are interested in what is being communicated and respond to it. I know how important it is to be innovative and creative in communications to ensure as many different audiences as possible are engaged. I am skilled at taking complex information and presenting it in an easy to understand way, as well as utilising all forms of communication including social media and video.


I have worked on a wide range of marketing campaigns and have knowledge and contacts to create effective marketing materials that will add value to your organisation and boost your brand and message.

I am adept at identifying potential crises and working with others to formulate and implement strategies for issue management through a variety of communications channels. I understand the legal sensitivities of communicating through different media in different situations and I have extensive experience of dealing with confidential and highly sensitive issues and advising senior management and politicians.


I am an avid user of social media and passionate about helping organisations benefit more from new ways of communicating to reach diverse and often hard to reach audiences. I have built and managed intranet and internet sites for private and public organisations.

As a former journalist I have exceptional editing, proof reading and writing skills and I understand the importance of using different writing styles to appeal to different audiences.

I hold a BA Hons degree in English Literature from Durham University, a post-graduate diploma in journalism and a Chartered Institute of Public Relations diploma. 


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